Hilary Moses

Hilary Moses is an animator and designer who, for the past 25 years, has juggled her time between independent and commercial animation projects.  She is the co director and owner of Fantastic Cat Productions based in Vancouver, B.C. Collaborative and commissioned projects have ranged from work with the award winning commercial studio Richard Purdum Productions, National Film Board documentaries, feature animation for Walt Disney Canada, interactives, video games and the award winning TV Specials Tales from the Far Side directed by Marv Newland and featuring the iconic humour and characters of Gary Larsen. Apart from a Royal Common Wealth Society commissioned short Creamers is her first film.

Hilary is also an animation educator in Vancouver and teaches at Emily Carr University and Capilano University. She has created animation workshops for children as young as 4 and despite the challenges of the medium remains continually entertained by the magic of animation.